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A Deal is Only as Good as the People You're Dealing With.

Let’s build the world’s premiere blockchain dealmakers’ community.


Vetted Membership

You have 0 time for frauds and fakes. That’s why our background checks are run by experienced investigators.

Real Opportunities

You need tangible, sustained return on investment. We prioritize deal flow quality over membership quantity.

Global Community

Get inside insight and access to new markets in promising, stable jurisdictions with proven partners all over the world.

Opportunity Exchange

You will meet monthly with a carefully chosen group of 5-10 fellow members to exchange high value, high impact introductions and opportunities.


Private Slack Community

With public and private channels, helpful integrations, and notification settings, you can customize the experience to suit your specific needs.

Mastermind Groups

Popularized by Napoleon Hill, your mastermind group is your force multiplier and accountability structure that drives exponential outcomes.

Concierge Service

Whether you’re traveling to a conference or hosting a dinner for prospective partners, our concierge ensures a flawless experience (coming soon).

Partner Profile

Each Blockchain Partnerships member has a video profile where you show us your vision, explain what you need, and tell us what you can offer the community.

Weekly Hotseat

Every week, one member presents their current challenges on a live video conference for the group’s strategic insight, constructive critique, and honest feedback.

Insight & Intel

You’ll have access to our live intel feeds and weekly Insight Dispatch so you can conveniently stay on top of the latest deal news and strategic market analysis.

Educational Experiences

We host experts for community Q&A sessions and educational webinars so Blockchain Partnerships members are always ahead of the game.

Now, you might be wondering…

What is the Opportunity Exchange?

You’re active in the blockchain economy, you have a proven model, and you’ve maintained an excellent reputation?

You agree that good relationships with world-class professionals are priceless in this rapidly evolving economy?

You know that the right introduction will make all the difference in the immediate growth and long-term survival of your enterprise?

Would you like all of this in a convenient, cost-effective format?


  1. You are 100% Guaranteed a strategically valuable introduction within 30 days of the event or we will refund 100% of your investment.
  2. You will be one of a maximum of 10 carefully selected attendees per Opportunity Exchange. We won’t waste any time, but nobody will be rushed. Everyone will have at least 30 minutes dedicated to identifying their ideal opportunity.
  3. You will be given a comprehensive assessment prior to the event. It will help you identify critical needs, ideal partnerships, and valuable resources you have to offer. Key discoveries will be shared in an executive summary that each attendee will review prior to the event.
  4. You will gain a clear and powerful strategy for developing new partnerships, acquisition channels, and media relationships.
  5. You will save countless, priceless hours on outreach, networking, traveling, and back-and-forth communication.
  6. No time spent traveling and mingling. No information overload. Just pure strategy and guaranteed introductions tailored to your unique situation.
  7. You will pledge at least one strategic introduction for another attendee. Ideally, one that is profitable for all of you.
  8. We will personally hold each attendee accountable for fulfilling their pledged introduction within 30 days.
  9. We will proactively support each attendee throughout the entire process.


Are you determined to build quality relationships that deliver focused, sustained business growth instead of reacting to the whims of the blockchain hype machine?

If you’re with us, then click here and tell us more about you. We look forward to your insight.

Why a private Slack community?

We will always maintain our Telegram and LinkedIn groups for all members. However, Slack offers the functionality, efficiency, and organization that allows for Blockchain Partnerships to operate like an effective team of professionals. With public and private channels, helpful integrations, and notification settings, our members can customize the experience to their specific needs.

Do you offer any guarantees?

You are 100% Guaranteed a strategically valuable introduction within 30 days of your first Opportunity Exchange or we will refund 100% of your investment.

Can I pay in crypto?

Yes, you can pay in any major cryptocurrency as well as credit, debit, and PayPal.

Why do you do background checks?

From the Mt. Gox incident to the “80% of ICOs were scams” PR nightmare, the blockchain economy is and has always been a high-risk environment.

We adhere to a background check policy in order to protect our members, foster an environment of trust, and encourage genuine opportunity sharing.

Background checks are conducted by experienced personnel with explicit consent from the applicant and complete discretion throughout the entire process.

Why online instead of in person?

We do have meetups and special events in person. In fact, we believe this is absolutely key to inspiration and strong relationships. However, we also want to facilitate a world-class online experience.

The global, 24/7 economy does not wait for conferences and the countless opportunities cannot be crammed into a weekly mixer.

Joining Blockchain Partnerships is a way to get to know and learn from fellow dealmakers all over the world without booking a flight… A way to enjoy the benefits of a conference from the comfort of your home or office between those “real world” events you truly can’t afford to miss.

Our hope is that you’ll always have someone from Blockchain Partnerships to meet up with wherever your travels may take you.

Are you still with us?

Fill out this brief application and we’ll set up a call to get to know each other.